Sound Healing – Bath

Have you ever heard of a Sound Bath?

A few years ago, a Physical Therapist that I was working with invited me to attend a sound bath. I had no idea what this was and was not sure what to expect.   However, I must say it was the most awesome thing I think I’ve ever been involved in! This is coming from someone who actually did jump out of a plane, which was extremely amazing, just on a different level!  Now, I truly believe that sound can be very healing to our being.  

It was a balmy evening in the high desert of sunny Southern California.  My therapist, whom I will call Joe, drove me to a public park in the middle of the desert. Upon arrival I noticed the park office was closed and I became a bit apprehensive since I didn’t know where we were going nor what to expect. We parked and began walking along a concrete path between the Joshua trees armed with our yoga mats and water in hand. Soon as we rounded a bend in a clearing there was a huge awning almost like a big tent with no sides and a concrete floor.  The sun was setting, it was almost dusk when we arrived, and there was a soft breeze which created a welcoming atmosphere.  We were some of the last participants to arrive and we followed suit with others to set up our mats in a circle around the instructor.

We began to move our bodies, breathe rhythmically, and enjoy a very relaxing, gentle yogic flow.   There were some poses that I was very challenged with and so I did the best I could and remained on the floor when some of the standing poses began.  Being in this environment was very conducive to connecting to my internal being and honoring my body where I was that evening.  Soon we ended by lying on our backs, our shoulders low and our hearts opened, palms facing up, eyes closed.  The next thing I knew, I was tuning into the deep, reverberating tones from the didgeridoo!  The vibration from each note extended deep into my core and I felt as if I was one with the instrument.  I did not expect to feel this so deeply and be so connected so quickly!  I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if the notes coming from the didgeridoo were getting closer to me. But then I realized the instrument was actually right over my body and the sounds were falling over me like a waterfall. I was in awe and all I could do was lay there and relish the feeling of these vibrations extending into the core of my being.  Next, I continued to bask in the low percussion instruments and the bass.  During the next hour different instruments from the lowest tones and then ending with the soft gentle high tones of the triangle and flutes were showered down upon us. Each musician would start on one side of the patio and slowly play their instrument as they walked around and let the sounds fall over us.

This was the most amazing, almost out of body experience I’ve ever encountered!  That night, I realized what it truly meant to be grounded, centered, and at peace. I especially like the lower deep vibrational tones and realized my body was telling me this is exactly what I needed!.

Later as I researched music therapy and specifically sound baths, I found many have noted marked improvement with mental health benefits, including significant decrease in tension, anxiety, and negative moods, a reduction in pain, and an overall increase in the ability to relax fully.  Overall, this deep meditative practice is a safe, easy addition to your healing toolbox.

I highly recommend finding a sound bath near you and experiencing this for yourself!

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